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The Future

The Trustees of the charity are determined to secure the long term future of The British Home and to maintain the high standard of care that our residents expect and deserve. To achieve this, the Trustees are working to create a new care facility that makes best use of the Crown Lane site.

The British Home has been caring for people with long term medical conditions and severe disabilities for over 150 years. The current building which The British Home occupies was originally designed as a purpose built nursing home in the 1890’s.  The building is in need of modernisation and the cost today of maintaining an outdated building is a drain on the charity’s resources and is no longer a viable option.

The Trustee's ambition is to build a new modern, specialised, flexible, state of the art care home on the Crown Lane site to best care for our current and future residents.

A firm of architects has been appointed to explore the possibilities for the site whilst being mindful of the need to retain our heritage and the architectural merit of the current building. The architects’ initial ideas will be discussed with our Local Authority, London Borough of Lambeth to identify any future planning issues.

When it is known what it might be possible to deliver on the site the Trustees of the charity will consult particularly with staff and residents to help turn the possibility into the reality of a new British Home. We will then be able to work out what a new facility is likely to cost and how it should be financed.

The project is still at a very early stage and it is likely that it will take a number of years before we welcome residents into a new care facility on the Crown Lane site. In the meantime we will ensure that the facilities of The British Home will be maintained in good condition and that we continue to deliver the best possible care to our residents throughout.

It is the intent of the Trustees that The British Home will have a bright future and will continue as a sustainable, independent charity, prociding specialised nursing and social care for people with long term medical conditions and severe disabilities.

We will continue to share our plans for the future of the Home as they develop.

Kay Sonneborn


The Board of Trustees

The British Home

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