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A Successful Remember a Charity Week at British Home

Posted 18th September 2019

British Home played a full part in this year's week of awareness raising about legacy giving

A Successful Remember a Charity Week at British Home

What will you pass on? That is the question posed by the Remember a Charity consortium of which British Home is a member. With legacy income accounting for around 75% of British Home’s voluntary donations, it is a question that is crucial to the future of the charity.

This year’s Remember a Charity Week took place in the second week of September. It was launched by Len Goodman and backed up by a range of ‘retro’ videos based around a hypothetical 1970s TV programme, “Points of You”.

Jon Smalldon, Head of Fundraising and Communications at British Home, said, “Leaving gifts to charities in Wills is often seen as something that other people do. What we need to encourage is the realisation that it’s possible to leave an amount to a charity such as British Home once your family and friends have been taken care of. It’s easy to do and means nobody misses out.”

All around British Home are examples of the differences legacies have made, with much of the significant building work we have undertaken in our history being funded, at least in part, by bequests.