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At British Home we are grateful to all of our volunteers who support people living with neuro-disability in so many different ways.

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Volunteers are part of the fabric of British Home. As well as the benefits to residents through the activities and events that volunteers support, there are many positives to being a volunteer. Volunteering can be a way to explore interests and passions, or a way of developing skills and experience to support a planned career. Whatever your motivation, volunteering at British Home is an opportunity to enrich the lives of people living with neuro-disability.

Activities led by volunteers at British Home include art therapy and flower arranging classes. Some volunteers help residents access chapel services, or support them on visits away from the Home. There are always opportunities for new volunteers at British Home and we are keen to hear from people who have their own ideas about how they can help.

You can help British Home support people living with neuro-disability. Get in touch to hear about our latest volunteering opportunities.

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