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For people living with neuro-disability

Respite Care

Respite at British Home provides care on a short term basis for people with neuro disabilities


Respite at British Home is designed to offer short-term, or flexible, periods of residential care to people living with neuro-disability. Respite can support long-term carers to carry on being able to offer such care in their own home or other setting after the period of respite.

Prior to respite admission, a member of our care team will arrange to meet with appropriate people such as carers and the person being admitted to British Home, at a place and time to suit you. They will assess the required care needs and the specific ways British Home can meet them. They will then draw up a care plan to cover the duration of the respite stay that will be agreed and confirmed in advance.

Residents on a respite programme have access to the full therapeutic environment of British Home including their own individual accommodation and access to the Therapy Suite and recreational areas.

For more information about respite services at British Home please get in touch using the details on our contact page.

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