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At British Home, our residents' individual care enables them to live every day of their lives as fully as they can.

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Rehabilitation at British Home is delivered by a multi-disciplinary team led by our experienced Therapy Manager. This team includes a range of specialist therapy professionals and is integrated into the life of British Home through both nursing care and social activities teams.

The aspirations and goals of each person taking part in rehabilitation are individual to them, as is the time it takes to achieve them. We empower people to take control of their lives and live as independently and positively as possible. This can include supporting them to communicate either by assisting with vocal development or assistive technology. Through physiotherapy our residents become better able to move and control their bodies which assists with independent living and reduces chronic pain. The involvement of occupational therapy helps people reacquire relevant life skills whilst psychiatric support improves mental health and self esteem.

Rehabilitation is an active process for everyone at British Home. Certain exercises or programmes may be delivered in the Therapy Suite which are then taken forward by care staff or the activities team as part of a resident's own routine. Staff across all departments are involved in supporting rehabilitation. British Home residents are able to participate in an active community inside the Home as well as, where possible, be full members of the wider community outside the Home.

To ensure we are providing the most effective and useful rehabilitation for people living with neuro-disability we undertake formal evaluation of progress. This covers feedback from the residents themselves about their feelings, overall health, rehabilitation improvements and outlook, alongside formal tools such as pain level assessment, motor skills analysis, and the tools developed by the UK Rehabilitation Outcomes Collective (UKROC).

For more information about rehabilitation services at British Home please get in touch using the details on our contact page.

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